4 Essential Skills of Customer Service for Tribal Organizations

What does a successful customer support team look and feel like? How does an organization deliver the best customer service while experiencing rapid growth?

We provide you with the tools and frameworks to structure your customer service based on what we have learned from our experience here at Red Road Leadership. We practice these strategies in our own organizations to keep up with the pace of our organization’s growth.


  • Our purpose is to build a better working world for our clients, our people and our community.
  • We want to create a legacy of improved business performance, confidence, and trust
  • Our approach is helping you create a differentiated customer service for the Tribal organization.
  • We work with you to engineer better experiences with customers to generate more loyalty and engagement.

At Red road leadership, we have identified gaps in customer service at various tribal organizations

  • Client’s expectation of services vs management’s perception of these expectations
  • Organization’s specification of services vs the actual expectation of the management
  • Service specification vs actual service delivered

We can help you transition towards a customer-centric by business model through our customer service for tribal organization model. Together with you, we can create an integrated customer experience across all channels, involving the whole organization.

In our customer service for tribal organization training we inculcating the 4 essential skills required for customers service:

Empathy – deep customer empathy is the process that occurs when you seek to understand what is behind the customer’s words.  We start with open-ended questions and move further upstream.

Strong communication – customer communication is no longer about being available when they want to talk to the organization or vice versa. It’s about ensuring that this conversation is productive and happens via a medium of the client’s choice

Mastering simplicity – we reduce multi-touch points, to a meaningful single source of contact, who will speak directly to the customer. This impact has proved to be positive when delighted customers respond immediately. The quality of the individual touch point interaction also dramatically improved. Organizations, who master simplicity, see higher customer satisfaction, revenue, cost improvements and enduring competitive advantage.

Growth mindset – a growth mindset culture leads to faster growth and improvement, higher performance and resilience, greater creativity and innovation, more positive and collaborative relationships, better ethical behavior and a greater diversified tribal organization.


Importance of Customer Service for Tribal Organization


Master people skills – emotional intelligence and being able to communicate effectively.

Red Road Leadership is a service training network with a solid pedigree of providing training to enhance and help the tribal organization in improving their organization and fostering success. We deliver training with a smile; virtually to anyone and everyone within your tribal organization who has customer contact.

“Goal as an Organization is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” – Sam Walton.

Our customer service for tribal organization program is for anyone with front-line experience in customer service or who interacts with internal and external customers.

Key Areas:

  • Gain additional skills that will allow you to provide consistent professional customer service
  • Building telephone skills in a confident, competent and knowledgeable manner increasing customer satisfaction level
  • Develop skills that will turn the telephone call into a positive one
  • Learn skills to manage conflicts, approach disagreements with confidence, and keep your personal and professional relationship strong
  • Use tools and processes that will allow you to effectively and successfully manage and lead a team in the service environment
  • Learn some basic understanding of what customers require in way of service and offer techniques that will assist them to meet their customer needs
  • Empower yourself with core customer service techniques and a ‘can do’ attitude from customer service for tribal organization programLearning outcomes:
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand that the customer is the lifeblood of the company
  • How to answer, greet, clarify the customer’s needs, take messages and close the call
  • Identify stated and unstated needs and match product or service benefits to those needs
  • Use active listening and open questioning to ascertain customer needs
  • Recognize your own path to increase the profitability of the organization
  • Have increased self-confidence and self-worth
  • Know how to initiate performance improvement strategy
  • Show a willingness to achieve, know when to acknowledge and when to apologize
  • Learn techniques and strategies for managing and dealing with difficult customers

In our interactive customer service for tribal organization training, your staff will learn why customer service is so important and where they currently are in terms of their customer service skills.

Still not convinced, contact our Red Road Leadership training team today.


The Importance of Customer Service for Tribal Organizations

Working with tribal organizations has given us opportunities to speak to and lead them in improving what they already have. In this unique position, we have learned that customer services are absolutely the most important part.

This is because customer services increase:

Client loyalty – It creates customer satisfaction, bringing in repeat business and recommendations.

Increase revenue - The amount of money a customer spends on your business and how often a customer’s buys from you

More effective workplace – employee turnover rates are significantly reduced as they are aware that the organization cares about their personal development. The outcome of our customer service for tribal organization training will create a positive customer environment leading to a positive workplace for staff.

Builds public image – great Customer service for tribal organizations helps build a brand, generates positive word of mouth and reputation

Reduces problems – problems will always arise no matter how hard you try to avoid them. We provide training to staff in handling the issues properly thus making clients feel more comfortable in doing business with you.

At Red Road Leadership we conduct interactive training on customer service for Tribal organizations to teach skills and strategies on how to interact with different customers / tribal members, deliver the best service, retain customers ensuring they receive satisfied services, and how to deal with difficult customers and resolve their issue in a good way.

Our training also inculcates ways to create a healthy working environment, improving staff morale and provide exceptional customer services.

Other topics covered in our training course include:

  • Applying the four agreements
  • Importance of integrating the tribe’s traditional values within customer service
  • How to create the first impression
  • How to develop a win/win situation
  • How to implement sustained and continuous improvement
  • How to improve communication skills
  • How to anticipate customer’s needs
  • How to proactively deal with a difficult customer
  • How to develop an attitude for excellent service

The importance of excellent customer service for the tribal organization cannot be overestimated. Our training course is for everyone in your tribal organization who interfaces with customers face-to-face, over the phone, or via mail.  And if you are looking for ways to increase the bottom line of your tribal organization, then this training course is for you.

Native American Code Of Ethics for Organization’s Success

Ethics are principles based on values. They help us distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior and action.

In an organizational setting, code of ethics becomes a vital part to provide all levels of employees with guidance on what it means to do the right thing.

Still, the ethical violation is now becoming common among tribal council members as well as between staff in the tribal organization. It could range from abusing time or taking home items from work to more serious issues like fraud or having a conflict of interest. The main conflict arises due to differences in one's own values and believes versus the organization’s values and believes.

An attempt to improve ethical behavior will only succeed if all factors influencing that behavior are recognized and addressed.

Every Native American organization has a set code of ethics. This Native American code of ethics addresses a lot of potential areas that may arise which can be an ethical violation.

Look at it this way, when a tribal organization acts consistently in an ethical way it makes the staff feel proud to be a part of the organization. Thus it is vital to get your staff ethically trained; to learn how to build trust by consistently making the right ethical choices. Seeing this other person will also want to work with you, knowing they will be fairly treated.

Our training topics are:

  • Implementing the four agreements
  • Legal versus doing the right thing
  • Ethical decision-making models
  • Native American code of ethics best practices
  • Rewarding ethical behavior

Become a forward-thinking employer and implement workplace ethical policies. To start with you need to first:

  • Know the law
  • Set expectations
  • Train your staff
  • Put someone in charge
  • Be fair

Red road leadership helps you to identify an ethical issue and suggest an alternate course of action. finally, we use ethical reasoning to decide on a course of action.

Contact us for implementing and training your organization staff on Native American code of ethics which will bring about a systematic change within your organization and strengthen your system so you will be able to fulfill your mission statement.


The mission of Red Road Leadership Consulting is to provide quality training and consulting services to Native American Tribes, urban Indian organizations and other agencies that serve Native Americans in the areas of systems change, organizational development, and Tribal operations. As a Native American firm, we will always ensure that all consultant services are culturally appropriate for your organization or community. Our philosophy is that all the solutions to the problems within your organization and community come from the people, so we are committed to listening and responding to their needs.